April 12, 2017

Vacation Care Workshops

School holidays are now in full swing! Have a read about our vacation care workshops. Built by Kidz Parties originally started out as a birthday party business. But with the growing popularity of our workshops, we found ourselves being booked out for a full two weeks each school holidays. Primarily in vacation care centres run throughout Sydney schools. Before long we were also travelling interstate to run our workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra as well!


Being a mobile service we travel to the vacation care centre’s location to run our incursions. This means less hassle and less paperwork for the centre staff. Just like our parties, we offer many different packages to each vacation care centre, from our multiple box packages, to our billy carts. No matter what sort of workshop we run, every kid is able to get involved, and then take their project home, or in the case of the billy cart, is left to the centre for all the kids to enjoy.

Working with such large groups means we split the kids up into groups of 10 or 15, depending on the size of the centre. This ensures everyone gets the individual attention they need, no one feels rushed, and of course to guarantee safety. It’s the perfect way to spend your school holidays!

Founders Josephine & Ray


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