November 1, 2017

Something New & Unique

When we first began our Built By Kidz Parties workshops, we knew that we wanted to offer parents a party idea that was new and unique, that would not only be entertaining for the kids but also a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

We hoped to take a step away from the classic parties like discos or sports, and games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, and pin the tail on the donkey. We were surprised by the fact that some kids still struggle with fine motor skills and coordination, and Built By Kidz Parties wanted to tackle this issue. We are providing kids with a platform to try hands on woodwork activities that are educational, improve motor skills, and get them all working as a team, with the supervision of our experienced facilitators.

And our numerous packages on offer do just that! Parents have the choice between tool boxes, slide boxes, trinket boxes, iPad holders, billy carts or even one of our interactive demonstrations and masterclasses. Our woodwork packages are each targeted at different age groups ranging from 5 years to 13 years, plus we have also worked on projects with high school students and alter our packages to suit the skill level of older teens. We are always working on new projects to add to our package list, so stay tuned! It is also our goal for the near future to introduce birthday vouchers, providing a one on one experience that can be gifted to your friends.

Clients are constantly remarking on how unique of an idea our Built By Kidz Parties workshops are, and we are always inspired by this. It motivates us to take our business one step further, to develop new package ideas, to take our workshops interstate. We have the objective of helping you to create a birthday party your child won’t forget, to be the sort of business that your kids will be asking us to host their party every year!
Founders Josephine & Ray

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