Primary School Incursions in Sydney

Built By Kidz Parties™ run engaging, entertaining and educational woodworking workshops in schools and pre-schools across Sydney, including fun vacation care programs. 

We organize incursions in primary schools, deliver interactive lessons designed for maximum hands-on participation from young students. By offering exciting projects to work on, we promote practical knowledge of woodworking and mechanical principles. 

We come to your center or school, bringing all the required equipment, and under the careful supervision of our friendly, trained facilitators, students can explore and gain new skills in a safe environment.

Activities will teach students about length, area, and mass.

Children will grow their skills in:

● Measuring:

                     ● Set outbuildings to translate from house plans

                     ● Measure to calculate the area

● Calculating:

                     ● Calculate quantities of materials needed for a task, eg. tiles, carpet, flooring

                     ● Use different building materials based on weight or density

Research-based evidence has proven that real-life hands-on experience is the best way for children to retain knowledge and information, which we provide through incursions in primary schools. 

● Kids learn in different ways so this is personalized learning at its best.

● Our program covers the NSW Mathematics syllabus’ ‘Working Mathematically’.

● Helps prepare students for the NSW NAPLAN (Maths). The measurement aspect of the NAPLAN results is declining as shown in the recent results of the NAPLAN string.

● Most teachers ask students “If I were a builder…” in measurement and area questions, but don’t have the resources to explain. We bring all the materials for the students to interactively work out areas and measurements through fun activities.

● We supply pre-activity sheets before incursions in primary schools and centers to give the students a goal to work towards and a way to show their understanding of the ideas being taught

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