DIY Kids Projects for Vacation Care

We offer DIY Woodwork and Artist packages to vacation care centres so that staff can run their own workshops. Available for a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 children, we deliver Australia-wide to share the fun with as many schools and centres as possible.

Simply fill in the order form below, and we will supply a quote on Total cost including shipping.  If approved, we will issue an invoice, and the package will be shipped through Sendle (around 7 – 10 after payment is received).

Unit pricing for these projects are as follows:

Slide Box $16 each (+GST)
Tool Box  $16 each (+GST)
Trinket Box $16 each (+GST)
Artist Box  $18.50 each (+GST)
Science Kit  $16.50 each (+GST)
Pyjama Day Kit  $13.50 each (+GST)
Candle Kit – One Candle (Melting) $12.50 each (+GST)
Candle Kit – Two Candles (Melting + Granules) $21 each (+GST)
Iconic Australia Puzzle  $25 each (+GST)
Barrier Reef Puzzle $25 each (+GST)
STEM Solar Flower Kit  $10 each (+GST)
STEM Solar Windmill Kit  $10 each (+GST)

Minimum order: 30 units. All units must be for the same project (e.g. 30 x Tool Boxes).

All projects come with easy to follow step by step instructions, for staff to follow.

Just fill in the form below, and we will send you a quote.

If you have any questions about our DIY Kids Projects, please call us on 1300 737 448.

Science-based Vacation Care Kits

Two activities included in pack, one slime kit, and one make your own bouncy ball!

Comes with safety glasses and lab coat. (Includes markers to write your name on your coat!)

This is a DIY activity with step by step instructions.

Age 5 to 12 years, boys/girls

Minimum of 30 kids

Cost $16.50 (inc GST) + shipping

Pyjama Day Kit

Pyjama day for vacation care! Why not do a theme day & get creative at the same time!

Colour me slippers and sleep mask with markers included!

Minimum order 25 kids.

$13.50 (inc GST) per child + delivery

Suits boys & girls 5 – 12 years.

DIY candle kit

Popular candle kits designed for vacation care.

DIY New one candle making kit….everything comes to make and step by step instructions.

One candle activity kit melting ( just need a microwave) supervision is required is $12.50 + gst + delivery with instructions.

Or two candle kit instant candle there is no melting, just add colour, fragrance, make your own design with the different colour wax granules, then light it up! A quick and Easy Instant Candle Kit, ideal for kids craft at home, birthday parties, school activities and especially good for school holiday fun & one melting candle so that kids can experience two types of candle making activity for $21+ gst + delivery

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